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Business Performance and Data Analytics consulting services to enterprises of all sizes across North America.

Analytics and Visualizations


With over a decade of experience working with a leading analytics software provider, we deliver solid analytics solutions focused on your business objectives and enabling your users to drive value.

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Data Integration


A common refrain in business today is that Data is your companies most valuable asset. While at Alaras we feel your employees are your most valuable asset, the value of data, both internal and external cannot be overstated. Irrespective of your data analytics tool set, all organizations benefit from clear, unified, governed, and validated data.

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Inventory Optimization

Most organization do not have formal inventory policies, and the companies that do are likely to follow instinct rather than facts. Using Smart Inventory & Optimization software, Alaras will define and deploy inventory policies that assure service levels your customers want while improving inventory availability and your return on investment.

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Business Optimization

The Alaras team is comprised of business and technology experts ready to bring significant optimization opportunities to realization in your business.

We bring practical, pragmatic solutions based on our deep experience with real organizations and real problems.

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Sales & Operations Planning

Successful Sales & Operations Planning is a business process, not a technology solution. Technology supports the process, but without stakeholder buy-in bad habits and workarounds will return.

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