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The Alaras team is made up of a group of talented and experienced professionals. They have spent years working in the industry with manufacturing, distribution and consumer products companies. We all have deep experience in all facets of supply chain management and the sales and operations planning process. Our core values include; Integrity, Customer Focus, Knowledge, Intellectual Honesty, Respect.


Our experience is founded in a decade of expansive business and IT consulting services, specifically data analytics and visualization work with Visual Data Group and supported by the collective experience of our team in logistics, IT infrastructure, data management, planning, and forecasting. Our primary focus continues to be in North American based manufacturing, wholesale, retail, logistics, and supply chain, management.

Executive Staff

Executive Staff

James Harder
Chief Executive Officer

Following a long career in leadership and executive positions in sales, and operations with consumer product companies, Mr. Harder started Visual Data Group in 2009 to directly help companies improve performance with data, data visualizations, and analytics. Focused initially on deploying a leading business intelligence software provider, Visual Data Group expanded to fill its customer needs across functional areas and disciplines. While running Visual Data Group for almost a decade, Jim continued to find that many companies continue to struggle with common day to day challenges around inadequate business processes and planning.


Started in 2018, Alaras, a new Visual Data Group company will bring customers of all types decades of experience Mr. Harder and the Alaras team have that are proven to help organizations thrive.


Prior to Visual Data Group, Mr. Harder held executive positions at CaseStack, Pliant Corp (Berry Plastics), Pliant Solutions, Decora, and the family of ICI Paint companies (AkzoNobel).

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